Connect the Dots

So I have this friend, and at work he cut is finger. He was taking apart a meat saw to wash it when he accidentally hit the on button. Blood was everywhere, but lucky for him it didn’t hurt for too long. He came up to the front of the store because we had called him up for a carry out. He was actually going to bring this lady’s groceries up when his finger and some of his shirt were full of blood. My co-worker decided to do the carry-out herself because that is just gross. For the rest of the night we made fun of him for one cutting his finger, and two for actually thinking he could carry a customer’s groceries out. He was getting a little irritated with us that he even threatened us saying “Since I cut my finger, I’ll use you as a bandage to stop the bleeding.” Needless to say we stopped making fun of him, and our boss let him go home.


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