Brain Power

If I could control 100% of my brain I would become rich. I would invent things just like Tony Stark like the Iron Man suit. I would invent also invent a time machine so that if I would do anything wrong I could just go back in those few minutes and change my decision. Another thing I would invent is a little box that can fit anything I want in it. I could fit unlimited amount of objects in it, and no matter what their size they fit. I would also invent a portal so that when I walk through it I can be anywhere in the universe. I would allow scientist to use it so they can travel to the far away planets and moons that no one has ever been on so they could research it. With this I would invent a suit that would allow scientist to go on the sun and stars. Using my amazing smartness, I would cure all diseases, and use resources in a different way so that things in this world would be cheaper. I would find a way for America to go out of debt, and to be the top nation in the world. I would change the way people live and make the world a better and safer place.


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