Games of Teenagers

Have you ever started playing a game that is a “hit”. It seems that every game that kids these days start playing last only for a couple of weeks. Flappy bird? Yeah that lasted a week and then people gave up on their high scores they tried so hard on. It did have a glitch for a little bit, but kids still wanted to plat it. Then they even took it out of the app store and people started to make games exactly like it like one with Miley’s head or a fish instead. People actually played those too.

Then there was Trivia Crack. That was all kids were playing and during school too. They would hide their phones behind books during class. To text? No. To play their friends who are sitting right next to them. That may have actually lasted 2 and a half weeks instead of 2 for the kids. The sad thing is though is that now parents have picked up on it. My mom was so addicted that she would use up all of her lives to play random people. Then I would go and talk to my uncles and they were playing it too.

trivia crack

The new one right now is “aa”. You can look at kids phone and they are already super addicted to it. Honestly I am too right now because it is one of those games that it has levels that you just have to pass. You keep going until you finally pass because if you don’t it makes you mad. I give this game another week thought until people find a new one.


Kids waste their time playing video games. They play one game for about 2 weeks before getting bored of it, and moving on. Honestly I bet if these games cost kids would waste a lot of money buying new games all then time.


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