An Offer I couldn’t Refuse

When I got the acceptance letter to Benedictine, I couldn’t turn it down. They offered me a good amount of money that I could survive on going to their college. My other choice was UNI who gave me a great amount of money too, but it wasn’t the same. Benedictine is a small Catholic college that fits me. With only around 2,000 people total in their school it is the perfect size. The town is the size of a smaller town by me Le Mars, which is in between a city and town for size. I will fit in perfect there. Where as UNI it is a bigger school, and it is in Ceder Falls. I wasn’t comfortable there. There were big crowds of students, and the class sizes were too big for me. With Benedictine’s class size I have a 1% chance to have a class over 50 people in it. The rest are smaller. The professors there really care about you, and they work with you very well. It will feel more at home for me. So you could imagine that when I got accepted into Benedictine I was over joyed. I had to accept that acceptance because it was where I belonged. It was where I needed to be in life to succeeded. I’m going to be a Raven, and it is the best offer I have accepted in my life. How could you turn down an offer like this?


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