Seat Belts- Good or Evil?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breaking the Law.”

I never wear my seat belt in town. I always just hop in and go because I’m always rushing so I never think about it. However, if I leave town I always put on my seat belt. I haven’t gotten in trouble for it yet nor have I gotten in an accident where it could save my life. I do have a cousin though who got into an accident where he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. This actually saved him because he flew to the back seat, and the whole front of the car was smashed. I know some people die from not wearing their seat belts, but some people also live. So in reality, seat belts are both bad and good. They aren’t always amazing so why should the government decided whether or not we were them as adults. They claim it kills people every year who don’t wear them, but have they counted the people who live and didn’t where them? I’m not saying people shouldn’t wear them at all, but should we really be forced to? Or should we really have to pay a big fine just because we forgot to click it?


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