Look at This Photograph


My brothers and I have always had a special relationship. Now these are my three older brothers so I’m missing my younger one, but he was too little to join in our fun. At our old house we had this what we thought was the most amazing rocking bench ever. So of course when the four of us decided to fit on a two person bench my parents thought it was funny. As you can tell I was trying to rock it, but my brothers were just smiling for the picture which is funny because now they never smile for one. You could imagine after this we were just rocking back and forth on this for maybe about a minute until one of us, the youngest me, of course got bored and decided to run away. So after getting what my parents thought was the cutest picture of us, they felt accomplished because lets be real it is really hard to get pictures of little kids without them moving. Every time I see this picture it makes me laugh because I can just imagine me running away from them, and ruining the perfect moment.


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