“Suds in the Bucket”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Transporter.”

I, to this day, still rocket out to “Suds in the bucket” by Sara Evens. It was released in May of 2004 and I still love it. It is about a small town girl who gets swept off her feet by a handsome man. They run away together and her parents are left with a sworm of rumors. They talk about they beauties in the beauty shop sipping on pink lemonade talking about it. Everyone wonders how their ponytail girl became all grown up.

When I was younger, I always danced in my kitchen with my mom while playing this song. We sang it together, but really I never really thought about the lyrics till now. I’m her ponytail girl, who is now 18 and about to head off to college all grown up. Being the only daughter, it will be sad for them to see me go off on my own.


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