In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Buffalo Nickel.”

2002 was thirteen years ag0. Wow. I was a kindergarten at that time enjoying things like snack and nap time. We had recess at least twice a day, and we did fun art crafts. Thinking back to that time, I was friends with all the guys in my class playing football or playing in the mud instead of with dolls or barbies. I had a nickname then too. The guys always called me Teddy Bear and I never understood why or how they came up with it. I also had my first kiss on the cheek from a boy who wasn’t in my family. It was on the bus ride home, and we were bus partners and best friends. We were in love with each other when we were younger, but now we are good friends. It’s funny thinking about back in 2002 because I have changed so much in these thirteen years. I actually have girls for friends now too.


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