During lent it is traditional to give up something that you love dearest as a sacrifice just like Jesus sacrificed many things for us. This year I am giving up sweets and junk food. Lately I have just eaten whatever, and I didn’t care what it was so for Lent I decided to clean up a bit and eat healthier. During Lent I am also going to be nicer and more respectful. I need to work on how I treat others. Lent is the perfect time to start a new habit. For instance, last year I gave up snap chat for Lent because I was addicted to it. I probably sent like 100 snap chats a day. After Lent, I rarely snap chatted. I realized that in life I didn’t need it. So Lent really helps you focus on what you need to improve in life, and it can change a bad life style to a new one. This season of Lent is definitely going to be challenging especially since I have play practice after school now, and that is king of unhealthy snacks that people bring. This will make it more challenging, but make it better.


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