camping Trip

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Use It or Lose It.”

* Keep in mind this story is fictional.

My friends and I went camping one time out in the South Dakota to a place we had heard about. We found the lake, some woods, but also the open area that appeared to be camped on before. We set up our camp and began looking for wood. John and I decided headed back to camp when we had an arm full of wood, but Tristan was still looking. We began to make the fire when we heard a scream from behind. We rushed to her to find her hiding behind a tree with her hands above her head. She kept sawing she saw him she saw him, but we couldn’t get out who.

We brought her back to our camp sight where Lucas helped her get settled and calmed down. That’s when she began to talk. Before she had left for this trip her older brother had told her how this place was haunted.

It was said that a man and wife fought a lot so they went fishing up here one time to get away from work and everyone. They got into a big fight though. The wife tried to hang herself, but the husband got to her before she finished her deed. He then beat her for trying to kill herself. He went back to the water to continue fishing leaving his wife in the tent alone. Instead of trying to kill herself, she grabbed out fishing wire and headed to her husband. She knocked him out with a pan, chocked him to death, and then tied his body down so it wouldn’t float. She left him there, and started a new life.

Tristan said she had seen the man. She said he was soaking wet and he was holding fishing net. She was so terrified for the rest of the day she wouldn’t go anywhere. She sat at the camp and stared into the fire.

That night we were sitting by the fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows when we saw him. He began walking towards our camp, but then disappeared. He reappeared on the opposite side would disappear again. Every time he did this he would get closer and closer to us. Finally he was right behind Tristan. He began to pull out fishing string before Lucas tackled him and screamed at us to run. I’ve never ran so fast in my life. We sprinted towards our car leaving everything behind. “I thought we would never escape that one.” 

A few weeks later, I saw a story on the news about a man in South Dakota who would fake myths so that he could scare hunters away and take their supplies. I guess we should have fought back.


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