Health Nut- Good or Bad?

A few years ago my mom became introduced to a naturalist. This is a person that takes natural herbs and uses that as medicine instead of prescription or over the counter medicine. They think that the prescription or the over the counter medicine actually makes you more sick. They say that taking those types of medicine will either only hide the sickness for a little bit or take a lot longer to get better. Along with this, is the eating healthy part. They say bread is bad for you unless you eat ones such as Ezekiel or 7-grained.They also claim too much sugar isn’t good for you either.

I got sick over Christmas break this year. usually i always get the typical stuffy nose sore throat thing. The only problem was this time it was worse. I was always tired and I didn’t feel like moving. So my mom called our main Naturalist lady and she gave my mother a long list of medicine I was to take. The medicine included about nine pills of vitamin C,three Zinc, three yeast and fungal, and one and a half teaspoon of oregon grape. I was to also sit in the Hot Box for about 20 minutes. It took about a week and half for me to get a little better. They blamed all this on me eating too much sugar because it weakened my immune system.

If you were to look inside my cupboard at home you would find a variety of herbal medicine. One like I listed above and also other ones. Here are some of the main ones I use and how they are helpful.

Sore Throat Pellets: You take one every fifteen minutes, three times. It is suppose to sooth the throat and sure it.

B-Complex- It is an energy giver.

Hista block- This is for your respiratory system. Helps with nasal passage ways.

Activated Charcoal- This is the main one I usually take. It is for the dietary system. This is usually taken when your stomach really hurts and something is bothering it.

nature's sunshine pills

On top of all the medicine, I’ll go back to the sugars. Now everyone knows having too many sweets in your day is not good for you. I get that, but when you go into this naturalist thing they included not having a lot of natural sugars like grapes, carrots, oranges, mangoes, pineapples and others. They advise not eating too much potatoes because of the starch in them. You like yogurt? They say eat organic yogurt because no matter how healthy the commercials say their yogurt is it is full of sugar or synthetic vitamin C. The same goes with milk. They say to drink organic because it doesn’t have synthetic vitamin C.

Now, I believer that some of these things you can live by. I have given up eating sugar for a month before and I lost weight and felt better about myself. The only problem with me is that I tend to give up most sugar, but once I cave a little I go right back to it, then my cycle begins. Sometimes you just need that piece of chocolate thought. A lot of the medicine does work, but sometimes it takes a long time too work.

So the question is, is this how people should start living and eating? Or is this just crazy?


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