In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cut Off.”

The last time I felt absolutely lonely was when my parents and my brother Tom decided to go out to eat with out me. It happened two weeks ago when I had to work till six at night at my job Majeres. You see my dad has these random urges to do things so he expects everyone to drop what they are doing and go with him. So they went out to eat at Four Brothers, a restaurant in Le Mars.

I got off work and came home to an empty house. My mom and brother’s cars were there, but they weren’t. I searched the kitchen looking for a note saying where they were, but there was nothing. I felt abandoned. So I texted my mom and asked where they had gone, and she told me out to eat and that there were left overs in the fridge. So I warmed up some food and sat in the living room and watched TV. Can you tell I’m the loved child?


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