My Family

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Perfect Shots.”

My Family in three perfect shots.


When my whole family lived at home we ate supper together at our kitchen table. All seven of us crammed around an oval table. After that we would do dishes together, and depending who had homework we would work on that and  help each other out. We did things as a family both happy and also fighting (well the kids). Everyone was home the majority of the time unless there was a game then we would go support each other.

When my three older brothers left our family bonding came down to me and my parents. I come home after work and talk to them before leaving to either hanging out with friends or doing my homework in my basement. We stopped eating supper together and eventually got a smaller table. You never saw my younger brother because he was always at my dad’s shop hanging out with my uncles. The family bonding went down to only talking among us.

When I leave for college next year, my parents are going to feel as if they have no more children. When my younger brother isn’t working (which is like never) he is down at the shop. He may see my dad down there and talk to him, but other than that he will never be home when they are up. The only way my mom will see him is at school lunch because she is a cook 2 days a week, and that conversation will be limited to “do you want peas?” So really when I leave it will be like they are getting rid of their last child.


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