The Door

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

After having a nightmare about my family being held hostage while I hid under a table (true dream), I chose the middle door. Behind it was a room filled with different weapons such as guns, knifes, and grenades. This would help me to defeat the murders in my home. In the the room filled with guns, there was another door. This led to a secret room in my house where I could see my family being held hostage. I slid on my belly like any sniper would do, and I took nice easy breathes. After shooting those people I quickly ran down to my family and untied them. The lights went off while an evil cry rang out. There was one more person left, the leader. We hid in another secret door so he couldn’t find us, but we could still hear his footsteps stomping through the house. That was when I bravely went out to find him, but this time I grabbed my hand gun. I snuck through the house like a ninja careful not to make noise. I found him at last and with one last shot he was dead. The middle door had turned out to be the right choice.


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