Earth of 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Time Capsule.”

I would definitely put in our newer phones like the galaxy and the iphone. I bet that when they see it in the future they will think that they are old like we do the Jitterbug. I would put in some tablets too, but hopefully someone would donate these to me.

Another thing I would throw in there is the different apps we use. I would put in things like snap chat, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and all the social media we use. Another thing I would add was the different games games that people were into. Things like Candy crush, Trivia Crack, aa, Hill Runner, and many more. Things that we were addicted to might not even be there for them.

For the fads, I would send them a crop top and put do not wear. These make girls look easy and tacky. They are not for good professional use. I would send them vans because lets be real those are amazing shoes and super cute. Cardigans are also in right now so I would throw in one of them. Another thing I would throw in are yogas and leggings. I would stress in this that these are great, but people need to wear them right. There are some people who shouldn’t wear yogas that do, and then there are some people who wear them too tight so they are see through.

The next thing I would send them are the different models of our cars. In the future I bet they would have more high-tec vehicles. Then I would send them the laws of the road, and the rules to getting your license. I bet that would change too.

The U.S. issues is what I would hit next. Things like ISIS, gays, women’s right. I would explain the issues that are going on because in the future things like this would be way different. I would also throw in how much the U.S. owes in debt because hopefully that number goes down for our future generations.


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