Remsen, Iowa

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Built This City.”

In Remsen, Iowa, it is a cute small town that everybody knows everybody. In a way that is bad, but it is also good. We have amazing fundraisers for our schools and anyone suffering in the town. One of our biggest ones is Pink Angels which is a cancer benefit. Just recently we had one for a local community member because she has breast cancer. Another good one that is for St. Mary’s School and Parish is the church auction and Friends of the St. Mary’s Ball. All of these fundraisers work out amazingly because we have a very supportive community.

Despite being a small town, we have two schools. On occasions we have our disputes, but other than that we get along. It is nice to have this because a little town rivalry is always fun at games. This also helps us because we can have Pink Out Nights at games, and it is easy to contact the school and we know they will participate.

If I were mayor, I would clean up the town more and change some of the towns people’s schedules. The snow plows would do a better job, and they wouldn’t leave the snow in the middle of the road. The town would get cleaned up, and things would get painted over.

All in all, it is a nice town that people enjoy living in it. I would recommend for anyone to come here.


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