In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Weaving the Threads.”


Sally loved to go to the circus. She enjoyed seeing the elephants because of hoe big they were. She also loved seeing the acrobats because they always amazed her. She tried so hard to be as good as them, and she practiced everyday at home. Sally’s dream was to be a part of the circus when she is older. She didn’t understand how people could bash the circus and say it is useless. It is a place where family is important to them. Sally is only afraid of one thing. The clowns. She has never liked them because she got a balloon from one and it popped right in her face. She started bawling and the clown started laughing at her. She would definitely have to avoid them when she joined.


It was a dark, stormy night. The rain came unexpected to the two travelers. Their car had broken down on their way home from the movies just a town over. Never before had Timmy and Jamie been so scared. Timmy knew he should have taken his mom car since his was having problems. They sat in the car trying to get reception, but it was pointless with the storm. They definitely weren’t going to get out and walk especially with the high winds blowing. They only thing to do was wait in hopes that a car would drive by. That’s when Jamie saw the figure. It was walking towards them and all she saw was the make up running down it’s face. She started screaming as it inched closer to their vehicle. Timmy reached for any object he could use as defense, but only found a history book. The man reached the window and and started knocking. His tried talking to Timmy. That was when Timmy realized he was the clown that was in the circus he had seen in the paper. Timmy opened his door and the clown stabbed him.


Bobby was having trouble sleeping. He had the same reoccurring night mare every night. He would wake up in a cold sweat with his blankets thrown of his bed. Bobby couldn’t figure out what his nightmare was though. It always started with a figure walking towards him and then he would start running. He always woke up before the figure caught up to him. He decided that the next night he was going to try to stay sleeping until he figured out what was chasing him so he could conquer the nightmare. He fell asleep and as the chase began he turned around and the clown ran right into him knocking him off his feet. The clown then helped him up and gave him a balloon to make everything feel better. Bobby woke up, but this time in a better mood. He no longer had that dream, but he never figured out why he dreamed it.


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