Is it Just to Kill a Blogger?

I am writing in response to this article I just read on CNN.

A little back round of it. A blogger was killed in Islam for blogging things on face book against the Islam religion. A little time before him another blogger was killed for bashing the Islam religion. N ow this didn’t scare the blogger for he kept on blogging and even increased it.

In my opinion, I don’t feel that he should have been killed. I understand that rules may be different over there then they are here, but to kill someone for their opinion is not right. He wasn’t actually doing any harm to the Islam government nor to any people for that matter. If you read the article, it also said that people would comment on his post saying that he was going to hell or that he was going to die for what he was saying. Should have he had taken these threats and warnings more seriously? Yeah probably, but he thought what he was doing was okay.

So saying that it wasn’t right to kill him, I also think he should have been more careful. Obviously you don’t have a right to your own opinion over there. Maybe he should have moved away and blogged from a safer place. Does that show that he is a coward? No that would have made him smart. He could still express his opinions online like he wanted, but this way he wouldn’t be in harms way of the people he was bashing.

I honestly feel bad for this man. It is terrible that he died in such a way that he did. He death was not just, but he did have warnings so either stop or move. I understand the not wanting to stop. He was passionate about something and he wanted to express his passion to others. He should have been more careful though.

What do you think?


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