Senior Trip 2015

On Friday April 10 at 12:30am my senior class went on our senior trip to Chicago. The bus ride there was pretty fun and considering we left early morning we should have slept but didn’t. We played games like “what are the odds”, “Never have I ever”, and the famous one “Truth or dare.” When we arrived in the out skirts of Chicago we had to find a gas station and change because we could check into our hotel at 11 and it was only 9. We had to change in a small stall that we fit 3 girls in.


On Friday, we hit the aquarium first. It was really fun looking at all the animals. My friend lexe took a video of the penguins and on accident got one puking water back up. After that we went and got lunch. Now one of our chaperons at forgotten his coat at the desk in the aquarium so we had to wait for him to run and get it. The next thing he forgot was our binder full of all our information at the place he was eating. Now this place was 10 minutes away from our eating spot so we had to wait for him to run there and back. Needless to say, we let our other chaperon have the binder and all our important information. When he got back, we went to the field museum. It would have been more fun, but we were really tired. One place I did like there was the Vudo collection. It was kinda big and I never knew all the stuff really existed. We decided to be done kinda early and took a train to go to Willis Tower. On this I got a great picture of my friend Daniel going out on the skydeck. If you don’t know what skydeck is, it is a box that comes out of Willis Tower so when you look down you are looking down on Chicago.  Now keep in mind one, this is 103 stories high and two he is terrified of heights. So you could imagine is face. After this, we went to Dick’s Last Resort. This is a place that insults it’s customers and gives people hats that are some what inappropriate but really funny. We hit the hotel after this because you could imagine we were really tired.


Saturday was my favorite day. We went to Millennium Park and looked at all the monument, and we went shopping. When we were coming out of a store, my friend Abby got scared by a pigeon because it was flying right down at her. We went to the White Sox vs Twins game next. Now on my bucket list, I had go to a pro game and I got to complete that. It was sa great experience because I didn’t know how much people got into games and shouted at the players. The White Sox won too so that was cool. We went back to the hotel after this because we had to get ready for our cruise. When we got on this, it was nice fancy food and then there was a dance. It was so much fun words can’t describe. The DJ was awesome and he started off with my class singing the song “Don’t Stop Believing.” We ended it too with “Sweet Caroline.” The cruise people also gave us sparkling apple juice so we could toast to our Senior Year. It was so awesome.

On Sunday was our leaving day. We went to church at 10:30 and then left by 12. On our bus ride home we watched “Big Hero Six”, “Batman”, and “Frozen.” One of the favorite spots to sleep on the bus was on the floor because there was heated seats.

All in all this trip was amazing and memorable. One of my favorite things was getting Starbucks everyday. Now I come from a small town and so my closet Starbucks is 45 minutes away. Honestly, spending class time in the hotel was really fun too. The views were amazing and I would totally go back.

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