Senior year

This might not be my final post, but for now it is. My senior year was filled with some great memories and some not so great. That’s what you get though in life. We had a great homecoming filled with laughter, games, and memories. I probably won’t forget how windy it was because we sat inside the gym till right before we had to line up for the parade. The school year after that went by fast. We had numerous prayer services for people in our parish. We had a beautiful candle lighting service that I helped plan. I won’t ever forget this because the darkness becoming light inside of our gym was one of the most beautiful things in the world.


After Christmas break it began to go back even faster. I’m really going to miss Catholic Schools Week and how our school comes together so closely to celebrate this. I can’t wait to come back next year to watch our basketball team because I know they’ll be really good. Lent was also a fun time which is weird to say. We did things that other schools wouldn’t and it’s easy not to eat meat during school because they won’t let you.

Musical was up next and that is always a blast. It’s stressful at times but we always pull it together. I’m glad I got to end it off with one of the lead roles with my friend Lexe, even if she was a man. We are always good together and she critics me in a way that I know she means the best.

Prom and senior trip were the next big thing. Senior trip was fun, but there was a little drama that made it not so fun. Luckly that was the last night. I’m glad i got to go to a pro baseball game because that was on my bucket list, and call me a nerd but the museum was really fun. The cruise was one of the most fun things on the trip. My class actually bonded and apparently we have a class song with is “Don’t Stop Beliving” by Journey.

Prom was a great time too. It was a great way to end my senior year and I had a pretty cool date. My friends and I danced and ate too much but it was definitely worth it.

My senior year was filled with great memories with great people. To be honest I may get annoyed of some people and I say now that I can’t wait to never see them again but maybe I won’t say that in the future. My class of 24 is gonna be hard to replace.


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