The Darkness in the Closet

Everyone has those thoughts that they keep in the back of their head. They either don’t say it because it is rude or people would think they are weird. That is, in my opinion, what is wrong with today’s world. There is so much judgement on people that it is hard to become your true self. People associate the phrase “come out of the closet” with homosexuals, but what if you could change the meaning to people coming to finding their real self. There is so much hidden inside of a person that you never know if they are truly themselves around you. They need to let their true self out and love it. It may sound like it is a typical media thing to say, “love yourself”, but honestly the media is saying love yourself, but they then go and judge everyone. How can you love yourself if you’re worried about the media or others judging you. My advice is find the people that you are comfortable with and don’t change for anyone. You will love your life a lot more.


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