Ever have that feeling when you let people out of your life that it is the end of the world? Even though you know that it is better to  let them go and you still have great people in your life. Sometimes you can’t have everyone in your life because they are negative. I just don’t understand why it is so hard to let those people go. If they aren’t meant to be in your life, I always thought that it would easier to let them go. I soon found out this isn’t the case and that it is actually harder to let them go. When you do eventually let them go, it feels like it takes forever to get over it. Well that’s if you ever get over them.


I also never realized how weird it is to meet someone and not even become great friends with them, but they leave this lasting impression on you. You have this feeling that it could be a great thing, but you never see them again. You get this sense of loss and I feel like that shouldn’t happen. Friendship and love should be a great thing to experience, but it never happens that way.


I never understand this world because it is preached at us that people will come into your life when it is meant to be and who are meant to be. It is so hard to decide who that is and when that is. I wish the signs were easier to see and that people could be more open with each other.




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