Lurlene McDaniel- Great Author

An amazing author that has never failed to impress me is Lurlene McDaniel. All of her books hit you with the hard truth of reality that not everything is perfect in life, and that things don’t happen just because you want them to. Her books have the perfect amount of love, but also the perfect amount of loss. These are three of my favorite books.

1. Garden of Angels 

Garden of Angels


Garden of Angels is about a small town girl that gets hit with reality when her mother, a very religious woman, gets breast cancer. The girl begins to question her faith, and question why bad things happen to good people. Along the way she meets a troubled boy who teachers her that she is perfect just the way she is, and makes her feel like no one else ever has. With a marriage, birth, and death all wrapped in one Lurlene McDaniel makes you view your life in a different way.

2. Angels in Pink Saga


In the Angels in Pink Saga, three best friends learn to go through their own troubles of love, loss, and haunting pasts. They all start a summer job at the local hospital where they are called “Pink Angels.” They meet great patients that change their lives. They meet people who they never thought they could, but they loose loved ones they never imagined. Through all this hardship there is one thing for certain, friends till the end.

3. Breathless 


Breathless makes you realize just how fast your perfect life can be taken from you. High school champ swimmer Travis, ends up getting cancer in his leg that results in the doctor cutting it off. His best friend Cooper has a troubled life with a mom who is a druggy and no dad. Travis’s younger sister can’t seem to stop crushing on Cooper. Then there is Travis’s girlfriend whose dad is a jerk and whose ex boyfriend won’t leave her alone. With a mixture of emotion McDaniel twists your heart and squeezes it.

Lurlene McDaniel is not afraid to write about the truths of life. That is why I feel she is a great author. She writes about reality instead of fantasy. I highly recommend her to everyone.