This is Challenging

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five.”

This should be a little silly of a blog. I am not use to this.  Well I guess I’ll get going. Hi. I am Jenny and I like cookies, cakes, and anything sweet. I also like long walks in the town. I enjoy animals like puppies and kitties. I am not tall at all. what else can I say about myself. I am not a fun woman I guess. I am eighteen. I am headed to college soon. I am in a musical at the moment. I am the mom in it. In band, I play the flute. It is a beautiful sound. I would like to thank you who obtained this blog post.


Look at This Photograph


My brothers and I have always had a special relationship. Now these are my three older brothers so I’m missing my younger one, but he was too little to join in our fun. At our old house we had this what we thought was the most amazing rocking bench ever. So of course when the four of us decided to fit on a two person bench my parents thought it was funny. As you can tell I was trying to rock it, but my brothers were just smiling for the picture which is funny because now they never smile for one. You could imagine after this we were just rocking back and forth on this for maybe about a minute until one of us, the youngest me, of course got bored and decided to run away. So after getting what my parents thought was the cutest picture of us, they felt accomplished because lets be real it is really hard to get pictures of little kids without them moving. Every time I see this picture it makes me laugh because I can just imagine me running away from them, and ruining the perfect moment.

Worldwide Jenny Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Festivus.”

I would make a holiday called Jenny Day. It would be held on February 2. For this day every school in the world has it off. All parents also have work off to be home with the family, and all military people come home for at least 3 days because the world will be in peace.  Any one who does not wish to celebrate this day will have to work in the shops. You can go shopping and get 80% off everything in the store. Also you can go to a starbucks and any cupcake shop to get a free drink any size and free cupcake. All of this would be paid for by Jenny Corporation. Everyone must spend time with their family though during the day. It doesn’t have to be all day so kids can hang out with friends, but for some of the day you must spend it with family. Jenny Day is created so that at least one day out of the year everyone will have happiness.